“GLOBAL DIGITAL UNIVERSITY” is fully accredited by Non – profit leading global organization “INTERNATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (ISDC)” way to foreword with the solution of the problems for the betterment of global society through offering online education that works towards bringing accessible, quality internet based education to all through online education or Digital education on internet support the Mission of UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA 2030.

All courses offered by the GDU are based on the Internet as well as on commonly available information and communication technology. Courses are conducted in English and are given entirely, or are substantially supported, by means of electronic media.

Global Digital University is a gateway to the world’s best free classes.


Our vision is to have a competent, innovative and internationally competitive international human resource with the ability to contribute to the socio-economic and online educational sustainable development of the world. To provide a common platform for social, educational, economic, legal and environmental advancement of the people in need.

Global Digital University offers “Online Education” on Counseling in Peace, Sports & Health Education, Critical Management and other “Tailor Model” Diploma, Graduation and PG Graduation courses, Honorary Doctorate & Social Award Winners. The certificate helps candidates seeking career advancement or higher pay in private sectors to settle in life well.


Global Digital University’s goal is to provide an opportunity to deliver a Lifelong online learning programs of world-class on internet through electronic media. GDU provide an opportunity to deliver a lifelong learning, flexible learning process and achieve the life goals of the people irrespective of their age or qualification, who otherwise could not attend colleges or universities due to various compulsions, The International designed curriculum, supported by a world-based faculty, permits students to actively engage in an active educational dialogue